Conversation Porter : Escort Guest To The Room

*Handle the guest check in*
Bellboy                : “Om Swastyastu, Good Morning Madam, Welcome to Edotel Hotel Denpasar. Main your head please.”
Guest                   : “Thank you ..”
Bellboy                : “How are you today Madam?”
Guest                   : “Good.. Thank you.”
Bellboy                : “Well… May I assist you Madam? Do you have any luggage?”
Guest                   : “Yes.. in baggage..”
(Bellboy take the guest luggage from the baggage).
Bellboy                : “Excuse me Madam. You have 2 pieces of luggage, 1 suitcase and 1 hand bag. Is that correct Madam?”
Guest                   : “Yes… that’s right.”
Bellboy                : “Would you like to follow me to Front Desk?”
Guest                   : “Of Course.”
Bellboy                : “Just come this way, Madam.”
Guest                   : “Thank you…”
At the Front Desk Counter, guest will do a registration. Bellboy will take care of the guest luggage suck as put a luggage tag and check the luggage condition.
After registered, Front Desk Agent will call a bell boy to escort the guest to the room.
Reception            : “Bellboy please…”
Bellboy                : “Yes I am…”
The bellboy will come to reception and get close to the guest.
Bellboy                : “Good morning Miss. Leony. Are you ready to go to the room?”
Guest                   : “Yes… I am.”
Bellboy                : “May I borrow your room key, Miss Leony?”
Guest                   : “Oh … sure... ”
Bellboy                : “Certainly Miss. Leony, your room located on the ground floor. Follow me please … “
Guest                   : “Sure…”
When escort the guest, the bellboy explain about  general information about hotel and facilities. In this moment, the bellboy try to promotion the hotel’s product.
Bellboy                : “Excuse me Miss. Leony. For your information, our restaurant is located on the first floor next to the Pool Bar. It is open start from 07.30 – 23.00. We serve a buffet breakfast from 07.30 AM – 11.00 AM, lunch and dinner. We have a gym as well. The gym located on the ground floor behind the lobby and business centre also in the same floor, beside the gym. If you want to do a fitness, you will able to use our gym free of charge from 06.00 – 18.00.”
Guest                   : “Lovely …”
*In front of the room, bellboy will explain about the room view*
Bellboy                : “Well Miss. Leony, This is your room, Jempiring 1. The room will be facing to the garden with Frangipani flower. And here is your private balcony and please enjoy your refreshing time at the balcony.”
Guest                   : “Alright.”
Bellboy                : “Before you entire the room, would you mind if I open the door and check your room first?”
Guest                   : “No problem…”
Bell boy knock the door and open it. Bellboy get in the room, turn on the light, and open the curtain.
Bellboy                : “Well Miss Leony. Your room is ready. After you please…”
Guest                   : “ Thank you.”
Bellboy take the luggage and put in the luggage rack
Bellboy                : “Excuse me Miss Leony, May I explain your room facilities now?”
Guest                   : “Yes please….”
Bellboy                : “Alright… We start from the corner first, this is your telephone. If you want to do a local and international call please dial your destination number with area or country number first, and following by  your destination number. If you want a operator service please dial 0, dial 1 for calling room service, dial 2 for calling front desk and housekeeping and laundry service please dial number 3. “
Guest                   : “Alright…”
Bellboy                : “Well, this your television Miss. Leony.  It has 99 channel. If you want to know about your bill please choose channel 1, if you want to know about Hotel facilities you could choose channel 2. For a local and international channel please find it on the channel list.”
Guest                   : “Great…”
Bellboy                : “This is your refrigerator and mini bar. We serve a soft drink, beer and milk with the mini bar price list. If you want to keep your snack, you also could use your refrigerator.”
Guest                   : “Ok..”
Bellboy                : “Well, this is  your wardrobe. Please hanging your cloth with the hanger. This is a laundry bag. If you have dirty clothes and you want to laundry in our hotel please put your dirty clothes in the laundry bag and put in front of your room. Our Vale will be collect your laundry before  10 AM. Please don’t forget to sign the laundry price list.
                            There is a safety deposit box as well. Please keep your valuable things in the safety deposit box with 3 digits of secret number or character.”
Guest                   : “Alright…”
Bellboy                : “This is your luggage rack. Please put your luggage over here. And this is your dressing table. If you have a beauty case or hand bag, please put on the dressing table. There is a drawer as well include the hotel stationary. This is free of charges for you, Miss Leony.”
Guest                   : “Lovely…”
Bellboy                : “Now.. we move to your bath room Miss. Leony. This is your shower, you have cold and hot water. If you want hot water please press the red button and for cold water please press the blue one. This is your toilet bowl. For flashing, you just press the flashing button on the toilet bowl”
Guest                   : “Sure…”
Bellboy                : “This is your Bath tub, Miss Leony. You could enjoy the hot or cold water. The operation is same with your shower. Red button for hot water and blue button for cold water. You are able to do a private massage as well Miss. Leony. Please find out the aroma therapy in our drugs store beside the lobby.”
Guest                   : “Fantastic…”
Bellboy                : “This is your washbasin. Please wash your hand or face with the guest amenities. Our room  attendant will change or refill your amenities every day.”
Guest                   : “Good…”
Bellboy                : “That’s all about the bath room. Please follow me Miss Leony.”
Guest                   : “ Sure…”
Bellboy                : “This is your Kitchen net Miss. Leony. If you want to prepare your breakfast or meal, you are able to use your kitchen net. And for enjoy your breakfast, you could do it in your dining room.”
Guest                   : “Ok…”
Bellboy                : “That’s all about the room facilities that I could explain to you. This is your room key and guest card.”
Guest                   : “Alright…”
Bellboy                : “Is the anything else, Miss Leony?”
Guest                   : “No… thanks.. all is clear.”
Bellboy                : “Alright Miss. Leony. If you need any further assistance, don’t be hesitate to call us by dial number 2. I hope you have a pleasant stay with us Miss Leony.”
Guest                   : “ Thank you so much … this is for you..”
Bellboy                : “Thank you so much Miss. Leony. Have a nice day, good bye…”

Guest                   : “Bye…”

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